Where was the love?

In Poetry
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It was there during their first conversation
They were miles apart
Yet grew closer together
Without hesitation

It was in how she’d tell him things she could never tell others
It was in how he’d comfort her with words of courage
Yes, it was in the way how she’d bare herself before him

It was during their deep talks
Ones she always loved
Where he was always there

It was in the way she’d show disgust for other men
Who ran after this gorgeous girl
And when he starts to tease her with those guys

It was there when he played with her hair making her annoyed
Yet he never wanted to hurt her
Because this woman was so close to his heart

It was in the way he carried her
And that was sweet
It was in the way he always wanted help her to tie her hair

It was in their quick glances
And sudden smiles
Cheesy moments
And in her apparent embarrassments

It was there where she was frustrated at him
Because of the sudden jealous she felt when he was with other girls
Because she wanted him all to herself

It was there when she rested in his arms
When he rested on her lap
When two souls so ever intertwined
Found themselves so close to each other
Of the night that surrounded them

It was in the way she endlessly ran after him
After every fight
After every misunderstanding
No matter how many times she wanted to give up
She didn’t
Because he was the man she loved

They never said it
But LOVE was there
In everything they did

It was in the littlest things
It was in the tiniest things
A one can show

Dinithi Perera

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