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Greatest gift mankind has ever received
Love,the greatest wonder of age
Weightless and invisible it is
Transcends time , distance and even morality
No truer language than the power of love
No stronger power than the power of love…..
Within the definition of love lies the true passion
Not at all as the same thing as lust
What’s Lust? A transitory satisfaction for the hungry ghost soul
Advertisers , they tout a form of beauty
This is merely aesthetic something that could inspire
Lust-a thin replica of love based more in desire and conquest……
What they claim to bestow they cannot
For real beauty comes within
And it’s the only form of beauty
That could  make ever lasting love connections
Cause true love is a unity of souls
Not facial features and products which gets wiped clean away…..
Love quotes inspire golden strands of truth
Yet for me they can never adequately capture
The strands of emotions that tumble through the air
Whenever my heart turns to you
Love says life may test me
But I am yours for eternity…….
Love is not a concept for sheep
For sheep run at the first sign of fear
It is a concept for Lions
So be brave my love
For I would defend you with all my life
Even if the odds were insurmountable……….
You being the last of my kind
How is that you are so much more than the sunshine?
Will your love all around me
I will always find my way home
For when fear sets my compass spinning
I would never give up on you……
Meeting you is like meeting an enigma
Opening a book and finding a language I’ve never seen before
I don’t know how you exist in this world yet you do
Liberty from you would simply be an infinite prison
In moments of pain and fear
I see right to your soul and know
That my faith for you is eternal……
If you personify love in times of trouble
Of hardships or war,then you
Are truely one of the mighty
Together we’ll ride through every storm
Waiting to see what the new dawn may bring
True love- the everlasting kind…….
Anjani Uththara

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