That Miraculous Night

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The last vestiges of the setting sun
Disappeared over the horizon
The distant skyline stood silhouetted
Against a velvet sky ,the golden dusk
Enveloped by the night sky….
The darkening sky was filled with
Lavender and indigo clouds
Covering up the stars of the night
So did the warmth of the sky
Until all that was left was
The chill of twilight
Promise of a cold night to come…….

The bright sunny day engulfed in darkness
A beautiful darkness
A darkness where my laughter illuminated and seemed to turn
From creaks to craters
As I smiled at the impressive moon
Under a sky of a perfect midnight
Velvet under stars so brilliant
That they drew eyes of
The heaven bound ,the lyrics of the starry night played softly……

Just gazing at the night blue canvas above
Stole every thought from my mind
The usual carrousel of worries
Simply forgetten.
And there I was standing on the shore
At midnight to escape my life at home
Not wanting to do anything but cry..
But the look at the moon gave me
Didn’t cause the storm to go on inside of me
Instead a hot blue fire
Flickered in my heart and soon burning all my worries away……

The moment I looked at the sky
They illuminated the darkness
And my fears crumbled to light
Beneath my feet
The words…the lies….the hatred…the failures…now lingered at a distance …
I was reminded that wounds would eventually heal
No longer would I stand in the shadows of the past….

I glanced at him as he gazed up at the night sky
And I …..I…
Suddenly fell for him
Like all the other shooting stars…….

Anjani Uththara

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The poem ending was so tacky and lame