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My mother told me
“Pass your exams. Please do well in life
I didn’t bring you up to live life hard”
Now I am about to finish my school life.
I look back at my fat body
At my broken heart
At my set of medals
And want to scream,
“Are you happy now?”
But I say “Okay mom. What’s next?”

My father told me
“Try to find a good job. Look at us.
We aren’t rich. You will have to find your own means”
Now I am about to enter the workforce
I look back at my hurting arms
At the empty road behind me
At my empty purse
And want to scream,
“Why do this to my life?”
But I say “Okay Dad. Whatever you say”

My girl told me
“You need to be more cool. I can’t do this anymore
You need to act like a star. Then only I can stay”
Now I am about to marry
I look back at my burning heart
At my hidden tears
At my expensive watch
And I want to scream
“No. I don’t want this. Let me find someone else”
But I say “I do”

Some speaker told me
“You can be yourself. Believe in yourself
Learn from others. Make a difference”
Now I am about to retire
I look back at my shattered dreams
At my very big house
At my stacked loans
An I want to scream
“Really? What good did that do?”
But I say “Yes, maybe. Let’s say so”


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Sad but well written 💁🏻