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I have always found the whimsical heart of a dreamer like myself very intriguing. In fact, finding a kindred soul like one’s self is indeed a wish granted. Understanding someone else just like you understand yourself is precious. This, in my opinion is the reason we all look for something in one another. Be it a family member, friend, lover, colleague…we always look for that thing which clicks and makes us compatible with each other.
Most times that moment of perfect clarity is lost. We as human beings tend to hide our actual feelings and intentions when dealing with fellow people. This and many other by-factors like culture, religion, race and creed come in the way. And many aren’t very successful in going past those mythical barriers.
The few who do are rare, and as they say…are different from the rest.
What makes that bond between two persons?
Many call it chemistry. Chemicals in the brain doing sorcery. (Meh) Some say its fate. Which basically says “yeah…go screw up and blame it on fate. Oh, and don’t forget to throw in some universal energy working against us shit”. That’ll do. It always works.
So if we are going to deny both these theories… then what?
I need you now, to remind yourself of someone you love from your whole being. That one person who can get you up no matter how down you are. That person whom you would cross all limits to see a single smile. Picture that one person. Done? Great.
Now go back in your memory…try to pin point that exact moment you started loving that person your truest. Might be a tad hard. Still, try… You might catch vague glimpses of memories. Above all you might feel that surge in your heart once you picture that exact moment. Keep that moment frozen in your head for a minute. Look at it like it’s a still image. And feel. Feel it all again, try to live through it. Close your eyes if you have to.
That moment, my loves, is exactly when your spirit or soul if you may, connects.
Think, you may have known a person for some time. With time you get closer… and bam! That moment of contact comes about. After that, even simple things in your relationship starts to change.
You may have held that hand a hundred times before, but suddenly the slightest skin-to-skin contact send shocks down your spine. You may have seen that face all your life and not notice that scar over there…or that groove in the chin until now. You start to recognize their unique scent. How they behave…even the slightest movements register in your subconscious.
So what are we looking at here? Chemicals? Fate? Or two souls connecting?
If there was a straight answer to that…won’t things be much less complicated? Thank god for other jobless people like myself to be writing about them…and jobless people like you who’s reading this right now.
*SMIRK* Kidding! These topics, are often ignored because no one knows why or how. And here we are, at least trying to make sense of it. Which is progress…towards transitioning form robot mode to humane mode.
Let me know if you have something to add down in the comments. Work those philosophical gears a bit!
Be yourself…it’s actually fun.

Signing out,
MUFFIN    a.k.a.   Tania Melanie

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