Hidden Treasures

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Sweat upon sweat
An mmm erupted from her
The increasing anxiety
Her mumbled excuses
With the regret in her eyes
She tried to say
“Sorry Master”

Her warm hazel eyes
Met with his dark green orbs
The snap and crack of a flogger on her back
The thin line between plain and pleasure
She bit her bottom lip and press her thighs tight
Mumbling the words
“Thank you, Master ”

The tingle and the tension
Where his hands continue to search
He finds a treasure of hers
With his fingers that climb inside
As everything from there becomes a blur
With beauty that she has redefined
He touch her like what no words could ever define
As he whispers to her ear saying
“Trust me baby girl”

The harsh and heavy marks of their love
Asserting dominance he whispers sin
Hard to forget the tortured pleasure
Deflowered flower waving in rhythm
Fear and affection both together
Spiders crawl down her spine with the words
“You’re Mine”

Dinithi Perera

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That is just amazing
You must a tru lover


you did this for real?