Game of Warlords

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Death stalked the valley…there was no abode he couldn’t enter….he stood as the life was choked out of Almost every man,woman and child…as their breathing faltered he brought down his sycthe cleaving their soul from the flesh that bound them…. ……..
Death is a body or shadow that lurks in the dark…he is always there .. following you and the closer he gets the sooner he will take your as  his own.. the warrior let the weapon Clatter on to the ground ..he looked sideways to see the clangor of the swords had died away…the shouting of the slaughter was hushed… silence lay in red stained snow..dead lay in heaps ..the warzone lay quiet for it was now a graveyard of the unburied… corpses lay among the buttercups and forget me who were once boys who laughed at each others silly tales..their souls had long departed to the celestial plains to walk with the ancestors.. he reflected back fathers fighting to their last breath …young army of conquerors wielding swords without mercy was just like a gladiator’s arena without the cheer leading crowd …..    He fell over and knelt upon his knees ..tears poured down his cheeks…he took hold of the corpse of a young girl tears splashed onto her dress when he started sobbing..he kissed her forehead as they ran down onto her closed eyes…his heart breaks though  he knows that she is save with the Lord…War is cruel as it sounds! He kept aside her body …his own hands were shaking so badly…his own pale hands were covered with scarlet blood..he bellowed…This spectacle of man driven insane by hatred over power and wealth caused the destruction to millions!!
Thoughts dawned on him at this moment…he knew he lay among the greed,rudeness and hatred of the living world…the world has gone cold..death is but a painful truth! He figured out the reality beneath …soldiers who died were the pawns in a game of warlords…Each warlord rounded up and executed their minds already lost in trauma where each other pinned medals on their chests….
Suddenly he choked …he felt someone as cold tendrils embraced him like a lover…his vision faded…and a final breath left his blood dried lips….he felt nothing…no emotion….no heavy weight on his shoulder…just the feeling of floating….he smiled an ambivalent smile before walking into deep abyss…his mid gave one final sigh…he felt nothing…nothing…nothing but darkness….an eternal abyss of darkness…………..

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