Friends : How to recognize the sour apple from the lot?

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The thing about friends is that, they form a kind of a lobby (or waiting area if you may) in your life. So that no matter what you deal with or where you go daily, you encounter them. Share with them. Live alongside constantly. You are basically going multiplayer. And that makes them strong influences. For the most part this is harmless, I take the freedom to call it healthy even. But that is not always the case. Because the bitter truth being, not every person you call “friend” is liable to actually behave within its true meaning.
How do you know you are associating a bad friend?
Frankly? I have no idea. Personally, I am a person who goes into serious denial in a situation of betrayal or loss of a loved one. But I am lying if I say that no friend has done wrong to me. And the other way around too… (Think I took more than required honesty meds). So sometimes even if you know too damn well that the other person is faking it, it becomes mentally and (mind you) even physically hard to acknowledge the fact. So basically, you can’t make yourself stay away. It’s natural.
Anyways if you are smart, I don’t have to spend time talking to you, you may have already done the needful. For the emotional lot…not so easy is it?
You know your friend better than me. So tell me… have you caught them trash talking but let it slide away? Or let them assault you verbally and later excuse, saying it was just for fun? Also, have you sacrificed your personal engagements in order to please them?
Well the checklist goes on my friend but let me tell you. If you have done all of the above and much more, but still you do not receive any satisfaction or whatever stuff you get from friends-besides the booze that is-then ask yourself… Is this actually worth it? You will get an answer instantly. Once acknowledged, implementation sucks. I know. How to deal with it? Read the tittle again folks. That can be saved for another time.
Play it by instinct. You know more than you think. You just don’t know that yet.
Cheers from my office cubicle.

MUFFIN a.k.a Tania Melanie

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