Fate Flipped the Coin and…

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Whisper to my ears that you feel it
Feel my light.
Tell me you see them
My wings.
And the halo?
Let’s not forget that okay…

Blue sky, tinged violet
Your aura intermingling with mine
Cicadas serenading
And your arms trying in vain
To hide me from the dusk.

You don’t have to…

We murmur sweet nothings
I feel your smile through my lips.
Promises made…oaths given. Sealed.
Then comes the calm. The stillness bringing chills…
I knew, the storm is here.
It dashed and crashed and swept at my soul.
Your hand I lost grip…
Flew far apart in smoky bellows.
Thunder, static, pitch darkness.
Storm’s cleared now darling.
Time irreversible.
Bend don’t Break…
But Break we did…
Now breathe…
I catch a memory flying close
And remember that serenade
Once more

-MUFFIN- a.k.a Tania Melanie

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