Dear Heart,

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Read this HEARTBREAK SURVIVAL GUIDE 😀 at least a dozen times I beg you, because if you don’t it will be me who will pay the price. It is finally time, to say that I have gone beyond that point where it’s bearable. Take this into heart or whatever you have as a sub.

Keep impulsiveness to a minimum. Studies have proven that there’s only a mere 5% chance of an impulsive decision to be right. The rest? Well it doesn’t do you good. Trust me. Being specific, this doesn’t count to insignificant details like the sudden urge to drink a slushee. Nope. Unless you die of brain freeze-which is just stupid- you’re in the clear. All other decisions tied to life and future can be done after truckloads of thinking.

Head over heart, heart over stupidity. Try your hardest to push the sane and wise side of my brain forward when faced with issues. As a person who always follows the heart, it is indeed ironic when I say this to you. I can say with authority that there’s no other person in this whole wide world who got screwed over all the time being a slave to emotion. That is my fatal flaw…but hey, work on it will ya.

Blind trust is toxic. It kills. Trust is a beautiful creature, light and flitting. Just like walking around blindfolded is going to hurt eventually. Put two and two together and you will see that it ends a tragedy. Trust and blind do not go together well. It backfires hard.

In the end, words do nothing but manipulate. Words are how it is done, the bewitching. Be wary for your own good.

Fairy tales are cute…but darling this is Life, where real shit goes down. Leave the plot twists, climaxes and the cliff-hangers to the theaters and novels. Doing it in reality can actually go wrong in a million ways, still if you may…keep staring at the silver lining. That is all it will be, a lining. Until the stormy sky swallows it whole.

Everyone leaves after the end credits. Never let me build my life around people. Instead do it around values and perseverance. If ever there was a lesson that kicks you in the gut until you choke and die…it is that moment in life when everyone turns their back when you screw up or when times aren’t looking peachy. It maybe for a day…a couple minutes, *shrug* that kick remains lifelong. Nature’s way of reminding that if you were born alone you die alone too. Unnecessarily cruel, but crucial.

I hope you took notes heart, because I didn’t. An ending isn’t complete without one of her quotes so…

“The Soul selects her own Society — then — shuts the Door — To her divine Majority — Present no more —”
-Emily Dickinson-

Yours Truly,

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