Beyond Horizons

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A graceful arc of sand
Glittering under the summer sun
Waddling through the sunset like
Orange painting on blue canvas
Illuminated the gleam of glore
radiated on the sandy shore…..
Salty waves engulfing bare toes
Breeze whispering like a lover
Placing kisses on my cheek
Staring at the horizon intront of me
Waves of deep blue crept towards me
Before gushing away through the waves
Which the beauty behind the eve
Mesmerized the land of known
Through it’s magical breathtaking scenery….
Being fascinated by the way
 waves crashing against the rocky beach
Their curly figures brushing each stone
With a gentle caress as the wind
Ushered gently towards the shore
The way the sun shone off
The rippling waters , it’s golden light
Warped in twisted glass waves
Every wave clothed in a million
Shimmering stars which twinkled
The everlasting beauty behind the eve
Left footprints in my heart…..
Anjani Uththara

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