Before you say “Yes”

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Before you say “Yes”, there are a few things that I need to clear out
Okay then, here we go.
Are you okay with waking up early?
(So you could wake me up early)
Are you okay with forgotten birthdays?
(Probably anniversaries too)
Are you okay if we don’t hold hands,
Or if I stop posing for selfies (with you)?
Will you be angry if I :
             1. Take too much time in the bathroom?
             2. Buy same coloured towels and forget what’s mine?
             3. Don’t dance with you at parties?
If you want someone to randomly buy you chocolates
or someone to gift you diamond rings
Or do you want someone who takes you shopping
and a candlelight dinner after a movie every month?
I am not that.
I’ll forget. I’ll shout.
I won’t love you all the time. I might even make you cry.
But I promise that I’ll stick by your side.
I’ll give you tissues after a fight.
I’ll flirt and kiss you (when no one’s watching).
So if you are ready for a bumpy ride,
Get on the train,
Let’s ride.

Kalindu Dharmapriya

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